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We in EZON believe to be customer centric.

Generally, any company will sell their products and services being manufactured and dealt by them to their customers as per the business strategy.

But, we in EZON, we build the product and provide the services what the customer needs

Solar power is fast growing worldwide resulting in four main changes namely

(1) Technology (better efficiency)
(2) Pricing (mostly downwards)
(3) Methodology (minimum losses) and
(4) Products (quality specifications) are constantly taking place.

EZON treats every customer need is unique.

So only an innovative solution based on the

  1. The requirement study professionally (need analysis)
  2. Design the best solar power system (design capability)
  3. Select the appropriate products (choosing the ‘right product)
  4. Install and commission for best results
  5. Maintain and service for continued output

That is why we claim EZON is customer centric.


Does the news around you like these trigger you to act….?


Please note the following….

Every Renewable Power Generation Plant Investment….

  1. Not only gives 100% of service from the day 1,
  2. But also repays the investment in less than 3 years by generating revenue on its own,
  3. And, continues to service at free of cost for another 25 years

Government Incentives….

  • Accelerated Depreciation – 80% and 20% in the first and second years respectively
  • 10 years Income Tax holiday can be availed for 10 years during which time Minimum Alternate Tax is still applicable (19.930%) which can be offset against tax payable later.
  • Other state specific exemptions which vary from state to state.

By choosing Solar Power Plant………You

  1. Save the planet – by adopting green energy
  2. Eliminate the power cost – No more electricity bill in your expenditure statement
  3. Save Income Tax – You avail 80% accelerated depreciation in the first year and 20% in the second year to benefit by installing solar plant and by which you save income tax
  4. Increase the profit – By eliminating the power cost by installing the solar plant, the profit goes up
  5. Exhibit “Corporate social responsibility (CSR)” – you are responsible to the society… be an example to others to follow green energy and importantly save the planet by going green
  6. Be a pioneer – in adopting the green energy

Renewable Energy,

  • is not just an alternate energy source;
  • is not just the independent energy source;
  • is not just the most reliable energy source;
  • and, it eliminates the power cost.



Normal power generation Capacity 5 Units per / KWp (Vary from place to place and based on the annual irradiance data)

Area required to install a solar power Plant 100 Sq.Ft / KWp in the case of roof top and
5 acres/MWp in the case of ground mounted
Where to mount the Solar Photo Voltaic Panels Over the RCC terrace surface, or
over the slant surface of the
ACC roof sheet, or
ground mounted
Maintenance cost Literally no maintenance is required
Solar power plant life term 25 years
Working capital No working capital is required
Raw material

Free sun rays is the only raw material

Major components of the solar power plant

Solar Photovoltaic Panels, Inverter(s), Transformer (as the case may be),  AC/DC Cables

Project Cycle time ‘Days’ for KW projects and ‘Month(s)’ for MW projects.
Gestation period Literally no gestation period for the solar power plant. From the day1 the plant produces its 100% of the capacity.
Inputs required A clear sun rays is the only input to the solar power generation.  No other inputs like water etc., are required.
Solar Power generation Even during cloudy / rainy the solar power plant generates power. The quantum differs depending upon the intensity of the sun rays.
Roof top weight implication Approximate weight of 1.25 kgs to 2.00 kgs /sq.ft is added. Every roof (RCC /ACC) will have this capacity to carry this small additional load.


S. No Controllable factors Solution How to achieve
1 Quality of the solar cells(SPV Panels) Select the best product through the reputed supplier as per the design Choose the capable, experienced, qualified, EPC Contractor.
2 Design (engineering) A scientific survey and good engineering design only ensures this Choose the capable, experienced, qualified EPC Contractor.
3 Quality of equipments, wires and cables Best selection of equipments suitable to the design Choose the capable, experienced, qualified EPC Contractor.
4 Sustainability of equipment performance Reputed source, warrantee, good design ensures this Choose the capable, experienced, qualified EPC Contractor.
5 In- compatibility of equipments, wires/cables Best engineering design with  equipments compatibility for efficient performance Choose the capable, experienced, qualified EPC Contractor.
6 Maintenance A proper, systematic and regular maintenance for highest efficiency Choose a qualified AMC contractor to execute, up to date maintenance.
7 Manmade creations to develop shade Avoid man made creations to develop shade Keeping vigil on the developments around the location
S. No Non Controllable Factors
1 Solar Irradiance Depends on the Site location (happens to be) / Selection and Nature(Better irradiance level for better performance)
2 Cloudiness Depends on the Site location (happens to be) / Selection and Nature(More cloud days more drop in performance)
3 Rain intensity Depends on the Site location (happens to be) / Selection and Nature(More rainy days more drop in performance)
4 Temperature Depends on the Site location (happens to be) / Selection and Nature[High temperature (> 43 deg C) low performance]


Internal Factors:

  1. To eliminate the power cost
  2. To improve profitability
  3. To reduce the cost of production
  4. To improve competitiveness
  5. To go for green energy (social responsibility)
Government’s regulations:

  1. To fulfil Renewable Purchase Obligation
  2. To support Government’s initiatives to solar power
Government’s incentives:

  1. Capital Subsidy (for small capacities)
  2. Taxation benefits
  3. REC (Renewable Energy Certificates)
  4. Government’s solar policy
  5. Priority in setting up solar power plants
External factors:

  1. Availability of solar plants at competitive rates
  2. Problems in the conventional power production
  3. Easy availability of the solar power plants
  4. Availability of technical know how
  5. Not to lose the time while the competitors go for solar