Innovation is way of life in Ezon.
Either on design or new product development or engineering, Ezon stands different any other companies in this solar field.
With serious of innovations, Ezon translates all the innovation to the benefit of the customer in terms of ‘productivity’ and cost cutting’.
Ezon takes pride in releasing world’s first of its kind dual axis tracker to generate the highest productivity to the market by July 2019.

The following products are the result of our successful innovation:

  • First to introduce saw tooth and modular design structure for roof top (to withstand 150 km/hr wind speed)
  • First to invent Integrated Tilting Solar Tracker (iTST) a Horizontal Primary Dual Axis Tracker, a first of its kind in the world to generate highest productivity
  • Developed inhouse a) SCADA b) Power controller c) weather monitor d) Tracker controller e) Earthing systems f) Lightening arresters g) PCC panels
  • First to introduce VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine)
  • About to release Hybrid (solar + micro wind) power plants