Ezon Energy Solution Private Limited
is a technology company

Committed to renewable energy

Major Domains of Business

Solar Energy


Automation and Control

Research and Development

Innovation is Passion

World’s first
Unique structure for the slanted roof bifacial panels mounting
Established in 2015. Innovation and Technology is company’s core strength.

World’s first
Sunlight reflectors
to generate additional power from the bottom side of every bifacial panels over and above the power generated from the albedo reflection

World’s first
Horizontal Dual-Axis Solar Tracker
to generate 100% additional power when compared with an equivalent Fixed-Tilt solar power plant

World’s first
Cloud Radar System
to generate at least 5% additional power from the solar power plants deployed with Horizontal Dual Axis Solar Tracker, whenever sun is masked by the passing cloud(s)

Ezon is having a full-fledged Research and Development centre for inventing new products, technologies, product development and quality assurance.

Ezon’s business structure includes renewable energy, Industrial Electrification, Automation and Control and Research & Development.

Ezon’s has manufacturing facility to manufacture Dual axis Solar Tracker, MMS (Module mounting structure), PCC (Power Control Centre) panels and all types of motor drivers and controllers, SCADA etc.,

Ezon’s approach to a problem is unique, cost effective and continual service support to the customer

Ezon is technically superior in offering solutions supported by its full-fledged infrastructure and the managing teams

Ezon is promoted by highly qualified, innovative, capable and experienced engineers

Ezon’s solutions are not only cost-effective, but also designed for the best performance

All our services will speak volumes on performance and durability

Ezon is customer centric & believes in customized solutions considering the unique nature of requirements for every customer

Ezon with its well qualified design and implementation teams exceed the customer expectations

Ezon is running with 4 invented world class products to deliver for maximum productivity and least cost

Ezon delivers end-to-end solutions to the customers

Increase the performance of your solar power plant

To install a new highly productive solar photovoltaic power plant and / or to improve the productivity of your existing solar photovoltaic power plant

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