Innovation is passion in Ezon.

Research and Development

Research and Development is the most important function of our company.

Our R&D department is well-staffed by engineers with innovation drive.

Leading from the front, Dr.S.K.Radhakrishnan has invented the following 4 world class inventions (patent pending).

and many more product developments are undergoing.
Ezon has set up a full-fledged solar tracker testing centre in association with a leading Technical University M/s. Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT), Coimbatore, which is first of its kind in India.

R&D is Hear & Soul of Ezon Energy Solutions. Every team member carries the Motivation, Drive & Energy for constantly Update their knowledge, Upgrade the technology and Uplift productivity

The team focuses on developing, focuses on innovating products and practices to keep Ezon in the forefront of Green Energy
Theoretical excellence combined with practical experience gives Ezon the cutting edge.

Quality Assurance:

Our solar plant designs are in-built with performance, quality and safety factors.

Backup mechanisms are our specialities in our plant design to ensure minimum interruptions and lowest down-time in power generation systems.

Extreme care is taken in choosing the materials that go in the solar plant to withstand extreme climatic conditions.

"Ezon maintains strict standards which exceed the market requirement"


Increase the performance of your solar power plant

To install a new highly productive solar photovoltaic power plant and / or to improve the productivity of your existing solar photovoltaic power plant

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